Friday, December 12, 2008

Up for Air

I'm doing better. Cautiously optimistic.

It's gray out, sunless and cold, the air dripping splats of freezing rain. My window reveals a blurry view of brittle variations of green, from diseased blackberries to skeletal trees bristling with moss. Winter is here.

I don't have to be anywhere. I'd have already made my legendary pumpkin bread, but I'm out of eggs. Ah me, from all that I have seen and heard, the course of true love (baking) never did run smooth. (I'm sure Shakespeare was really thinking about baking. He was a smart cookie. heh)

Thanks to those who emailed, called and texted. I feel loved. And supported. And a little embarrassed. ;o)

So here's hoping that was an aberrant glitch and I can get back to my normal levels of neuroticism.


  1. I meant to post this under the telephone conversation post...

  2. Don't feel embarrassed!! My moods are all over the place all the time. We are human, not robots. We have feelings. Mommies get to have bad days and snap sometimes. The apologies we make to our children may not "fix" anything right away but (at least to me) they let my kids know that it's okay to make mistakes, that if I mess up and say I'm sorry they know they still love me and that it works both ways.