Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Connor and Tavvi Update

Tavvi and Connor are still at home - for today.

I was unable to be there (between sick baby, icy roads, and our own schools' late start, I couldn't make it in time). But apparently Steph held her ground with well-spoken grace and confidence and the VA social worker left without the kids and without involving police. What now? I don't know.

M Lewis at the Shame on Virginia blog seems to be keeping a pretty thorough and timely series of updates. I highly recommend reading her entry: How It Happens.

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  1. There is a LOT going on behind the scenes right now. There are multiple questions (into VA's ethics), loads to do, investigations, and hirings of legal personnel that need to still happen.

    It's hard to take a breather even though this was the best possible outcome. I have to say that it was WONDERFUL how many folks banded together in support for this family including the executive director of our school. My heart feels warmth when I think about this. Community at it's best.