Friday, December 5, 2008

Goddesses and Wiggles

First, just too cute not to share with everyone... This afternoon I played Memory with Bayba the Dynamatrix. I went a little easy on her (yeah I'm a sucker for that whole "kid" thing when it comes to competition). She was ecstatic. Literally. Jumping, giggling, wiggling, VIBRATING with joy. I need to spend more time focused on her. She so RAWKS.

And the whole "goddess" bit of the title: No, I don't believe in goddesses, per se, but I do love pondering the values, imagery, etc. of various goddesses. From time to time, one will strike my fancy and so I examine myself and my place in society (and the world) through the lens of archetype. My favorite to date has been Saraswati. I grew up afraid of the notion of goddess. To dwell overmuch on female deity was blasphemy. Such a taboo. Maybe when I've healed all those wounds I won't need mythology to help me adjust my misfit brain to the rest of the world. Until then, I enjoy pondering what women are, and what has been expected of them both in the mundane and mythological realms.

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  1. I think a heavy dose of Goddess mythology would do the mainstream well. But I digress.