Friday, December 5, 2008

If You've Run Out of Rant and You Know It...

Pass a meme! lol

I'll get back on my atheism rant wagon in the next day or two, now that I've shrugged off a couple of days of pretty dark depression (a whole other rant: "break-through" depression... and people and doctors that think the "right" pill will prevent it altogether), but for the moment I'll take a mental break and pass along Possum Momma's meme. Which is to say I'm shamelessly stealing her idea because I'm feeling creatively impotent. (Creatively Impotent - that's almost as good an alter ego as Anomic Entropy!)

What makes you happy? The rules are simple: list ten things you're happy about or thankful for. Tag ten people who you're happy to call friend at the end of the meme.

1. I am thankful for the www. I learn so much EVERY STINKING DAY from brilliant, thoughtful people... mostly in the form of reading "real" blogs by people who didn't go crazy and drop out of college. Every day I gain insight into my own intellectual weaknesses and illogical/prejudicial ways of thinking. This makes me a better person and a better mother. This makes me happy because it's free and I can gain knowledge from the comfort of my own home, regardless of emotional/social capabilities.
2. Being "old" makes me happy. I've pretty much become my Self and am finding it easier and easier to discard old angst and baggage.
3. My stand mixer makes me happy. A couple years back I bought a refurbished Pro series Kitchenaid mixer. It kneads my bread dough... even the pizza dough that has to have the holy hell kneaded out of it (quite a long process). It mixes cookie dough, cakes, and makes Swiss meringue buttercream do-able.
4. My new coffeemaker makes me happy. I finally bought one with the thermal carafe. I just had a cup of coffee. At noon. It was still hot and not scorched. A moment of beauty. Ahhhhh...
5. My dog makes me happy. She's a pain in the butt and sheds all over the place. But watching her interact so gently with the kids interrupts even my pissiest moods. Plus, she lets me stick my perpetually-cold feet on her furry belly in the morning while I check my email. Best footwarmer ever.
6. My cast iron skillet makes me happy. I cook everything in it. Even the stuff I probably shouldn't. I didn't roast the T-day turkey in it, though. It wouldn't fit.
7. My relationship with my geeky husband makes me happy. There's something to be said for hooking up with someone whose neurotic baggage complements your own.
8. My children make me happy. Even when they're trying patience I never knew I had, I can't help but admit that becoming a mother catapaulted me into a whole different, richer life than I had imagined for myself.
9. Strong friendships make me happy. Through every twist and turn of an all-too-often tumultuous life, the variable that tipped the scales into surviving and thriving where others too often do neither is the support of the strongest friendships ever. Always better than I deserve.
10. I am happy that, ten years ago, give or take a day (or month, possibly, I have a few chunks of time missing right around there), I made the decision to save what Self I had left and walk away from an abusive marriage. None of the happiness I have now would be possible if I hadn't. Sometimes I have little bouts of anxiety that blogging or in any other way being visible will bring my current life to his attention. So I'm also happy that hasn't happened yet. Ten years. Still have the souvenirs. But I'm here, dammit. Yup. Pretty happy about that. :o)

How's that for being able to Debbie Downer a happy list meme? heh

I tag Western Warmth, Urban Princess, Tamar, Sarah Free, Butterfly, Rob, Wendy Darling, Aimless, Woozlefreak and Eunice. :o)


  1. WOOOHOOO!! this is PERFECT for today! ~:} I love you Sara

  2. Crap. Now, I need to decide if I'm going to dive into the depths of my soul and post a heartfelt, lofty meme or keep it to the point. *grin*