Saturday, November 15, 2008

Warrior Princess

Tuesday night G-Rex came downstairs kind of freaked out. There was a bump on her second toe. Before checking it out, I figured it must be a wart or something and she was overreacting. No. It was weird and bony.

Wednesday morning I took her to the clinic where they x-rayed her little foot (all the while G-Rex chattering about the various bones in the body and how she's studying anatomy in school). It turns out she fractured the toe two or three weeks ago.

That means she's been going to recess, playing outside, participating in PE, going to soccer practice and playing in soccer games with a broken toe. She told the doctor it had been sore for a while, but didn't hurt anymore so she'd just ignored it.

The doctor cleared her to play today, in her final soccer game of the season. During her end-of-season party, the coach presented her with a trophy, telling her that she was the toughest girl he'd seen, taking hits without flinching and was the fastest kid on the field.

I am so thankful that, as she grows and develops her sense of self, this is the way she'll see herself. She is tough. She is fast. She is determined.

Rock on G.

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