Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Let me say it again.


Grumpy sick kids. Grumpy sick mama.

Working on a re-fi for the house. Trying to figure out how, exactly, I'm going to make some kind of Christmas.

It feels like we're all - the whole country - under water. Running out of air while the wealthy <1% hem and haw from their yachts and lecture the hoi polloi about how we are to blame for this mess... while the Auto CEOs take plush vacations with little side trips to the Capitol for handouts and the bankers use their bailout windfall to buy up smaller banks... while suburbs empty, foreclosure signs all over the place. Free Market my hiney.


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  1. HEY! Pull yourself up with your bootstraps. This isn't anyone's fault but your own. Right. *end sarcasm* I posted a similar rant last night. Funny.