Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting A Grip

It seems I'm especially susceptible to doom and gloom thinking whilst sick. Today I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, mentally and physically.

Realistically, I'm in pretty good shape. I'm healthy (other than the occassional rhinovirus). I'm pretty tough (if I do say so myself). I have a great husband who has a good job. It looks like we will be able to re-fi into a better mortgage with a significantly lower interest rate (cross fingers). I'm stressed about Christmas - but it's not like I have to run out and get a job so my kids can have presents. I just have to budget. There are worse things. Besides, pretty much everyone else on my list is getting homemade stuff. And they'll like it better than anything I could buy for them (or at least they'll know better than to say otherwise). It'll be OK. Better than OK. I just need to keep that in mind and lay off the news a bit.

Muggle is crawling all over the place, climbing up on everything. Today she discovered the dog food. Oy. I don't know where to put it that WunderMutt can get to it but Muggle can't.

Life goes on... whether I chill out and enjoy it or not.


  1. I get the same thing--I've always wondered why. I'll get really depressed and doom and gloom, my world is ending and the next day I get the sore throat, the sneezing, the chills and realize I was getting sick. I wonder why??? I've speculated that maybe it's my body's way of talking my mind into climbing in bed and resting. If only I could actually do that...

  2. I routinely avoid certain aspects of the news. Stresses me out too much. I'd rather get the condensed version from my Mom and Dh.

  3. I have to say...not that I probably would've chosen to do this if times weren't what they are, but I'm doing the budget, homemade (or very creative, at least) route for gifts this year and I'm actually even more excited for Christmas than usual. Weird, huh?

    Oh, yes, and my baby is all over the place, too. Her favorite things so far: dirty, wet rain boots and lamp cords!

  4. We're also cutting back for Christmas and Im planning on doing homemade things as well. Im avoiding the news for the first time in my adult life simply to maintain the shred of sanity I have. I hope you feel better soon!