Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grades, Approval and Blogging

Grades are in for Summer semester. 4.0. I'm so happy. I was terrified of the final papers and sure that I was incompetent in academic writing. So much for that. Maybe I can do this, after all.

I'm having a bit of a struggle with what to do with the blog, right now.

My life has changed so much and most of the writing I do centers around feminism and skepticism. The subjects I take on for both are likely to be highly offensive to people I care deeply for. So I haven't been blogging. I'll probably jump back into it for realz in the next few days... but it may be rough and awkward (worse than usual) while I figure out the balance of speaking my heart and mind with my preference of not deliberately hurting people. Meh.


  1. For the record I haven't felt any of your posts were offensive. I feel like I am pretty up to date on many of your viewpoints and I enjoy reading the details. I just like to comment and throw in my opinion from time to time. To bug you? Get your attention? I don't know. I just miss being able to have talks so this is my version :). Don't slap my hand from the top bunk! lol

  2. (((hugs))) No hand-slapping, I promise. I do! Really! ;)

    I miss having real talks, too. There's a very different vulnerability to me, saying what I think and knowing that family may be reading it versus when I'm making statements to the world at large.

    Anyway, I've been doing a lot of thinking about narrowing the focus, here, and I haven't yet quite determined how much of my fluffy family persona to include and how much of my hard-ass intellectual self. I suppose careening between the two is most true to reality, but doesn't make for consistency for reading or writing.

  3. Yeah, I think I understand. I think I am done blogging for awhile, unless I restart it in a whole new direction. Don't quite know what that would be so I just locked mine up.

    Oh, and for the record, your comment would have been a little bit funnier if you would have thrown a hand slap there at the end after you promised you wouldn't and then distracted me talking about something else.

  4. Yeah, I just noticed I said, "for the record" in both of my comments. Lame.

  5. I thought about throwing in that last hand slap, but then decided that would sound too mean. Realistic, but mean.

    For the record, you can say for the record all you want... as long as I can use ellipses anywhere and everywhere... in every context imaginable...