Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deep Thoughts, Except Not

I've started at least three different polemics chock full of links and stuff, only to find myself getting annoyed with my own bullshittery halfway through and shelving the whole thing. Maybe I'll finish them off when I'm in a better head space. Maybe not. I'm kinda busy with navel-gazing about why I'm blogging about this stuff and what I think it might accomplish.

Having a rather short attention span when it comes to self-absorption, I'm kinda getting over that already and just want to write about whatever interesting happenings or thoughts cross my path/brain. Have coffee. Talk. No big whoop.

Plus, I have links to the blogs of deeper thinkers/polemicists than I'll probably ever be... probably because I enjoy reading and thinking about their work so much that I'm usually content to react - occasionally write about my thoughts on their thoughts - and move on.

So. Today's tasks were to cancel a dental appointment, make an appointment for a renal scan and to get results from my cardiac event monitor, work on changing my Fall schedule for school (Abnormal Psych - while a subject that fascinates me - does not make the cut for a schedule that stays focused on working rapidly to finish my degree), play hostess to G-Rex's awesome friend (they're 10 - it seems corny to call it a playdate), catch up on the housewifery and get it all done in time to make dinner and hit the gym after. I have the first two done and now I'm trying to gather energy for the rest while the kids + awesome friend play upstairs.

Deep thoughts are fabulous, but sometimes life makes getting all talky about them prohibitive.

Oh, and I'm reading Deer Hunting with Jesus in my spare minutes. Awesome book.

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