Monday, August 23, 2010

For Today and Many Days to Come

Down in the basement of the Multi Media classroom building of WSU Vancouver, the air conditioning is roaring. One would never know that it's bright and sunny outside. The fluorescent lights are flicker dancing on the shiny white tile floor. Twenty minutes to go before my last class of the day.

I had time to drive in to Salmon Creek and stop by Peet's Coffee. It was hot, so I thought something icy would be good. I forget what they call this icy blended beverage, but it isn't really scratching that coffee itch. Too much sugar, not enough java, I think.

This basement thing is kind of weirding me out... making me a little claustrophobic. Maybe it will be good in the winter. Cozy. Probably not, though, what with the fluorescent light thing. Still.  I'm glad to be here. Between Anthro classes I perched myself on a hill overlooking the blue foothills shadowed by the bright white scarred peak of Mt St Helens. It was beautiful. Made me glad to just be there. Breathing. Seeing.

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