Friday, August 13, 2010

The Down Side of Up

I'm feeling much better today. Better enough that I have energy to complain about how crappy the past few days have been. The story goes like this: hijinks, hijinks, antibiotics, strange bad feelings, freaky almost passing out with nausea and wonky fatigue, urgent care. Super high blood pressure. Talk of kidney scans and adrenal tumors and kidney failure. Visit to regular doctor. Listen to old crusty doctor rant about Urgent Care quacks, ordered to throw meds away and not take any more and come back next week.

So that doctor thing was yesterday. Two foregone doses of abx later, I'm feeling well enough to be here bitching about how all my joints hurt and how swollen my feet and hands are, and how my back aches and how this crazy fatigue is making parenting really suck for both me and my kids. Hopefully, in the next day or two, I'll feel well enough to quit complaining and go do fun stuff.

You know, fun stuff. Like anything that doesn't involve laying around pouting.


  1. Oh geez. That sounds bad in all kinds of ways. Both the predictions of the urgent care and the reaction of your doctor. What is your perception of it? Did you feel safe stopping all meds like that?

    I love you.

  2. Well. I didn't stop all meds. Just the ones Urgent Care had put me on. My doctor did include in his rant the reasons why he thinks what he does and they all seemed... well... reasonable. And I'm certainly more comfortable erring on the side of conservative (ha) testing and treatment.