Thursday, April 29, 2010

Results of Lift-Off

A while back, just before I shut down my blog for a while, I posted about being hypomanic and then, shockingly, never followed up. So now that I'm not in that state anymore, I thought I'd go ahead and let y'all know that that part of my life is OK.

Yes, I had a hypo jag. During this hypo jag I painted, downloaded deeply inspiring music, committed to eight billion activities for the kids, got that whole back-to-school gig rolling and traveled - without kids, husband, anything - to my BFF's 40th birthday shindig in Texas.
Then I got back and painted A LOT more and really jumped into studying Fat Acceptance, Feminist Theory and 140 billion offshoots of those... spent too much on books. So actually, other than the travel (which I'm still so proud of myself for doing), kind of par for the course in hypo-world.

The good news is that, in the process of coming down from said hypomania, I finally found a suitable P-Doc and finally began addressing this PTSD stuff. And now I've come down to a plane where I'm tired and I scurry to fulfill commitments... and that's it. No crash. No mixed state. No mania. Hypo just faded. I miss it, but I'm OK.

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