Thursday, August 20, 2009

:::Crickets Chirping:::

Ah, but silence can be golden.

So, since I deleted a large chunk of this blog, I've been busy with my little life. Working on a novel, preparing for ACE's Personal Trainer certification... thinking... adjusting to new neighbors.

In my last entry, it seemed the neighborhood was emptying. It is no longer empty... but that's not necessarily a good thing. The empty properties have been auctioned - at something around $100k less than what we pre-bubble-implosioners paid. They are now apparently being rented out. Few kids. Many monster trucks and late night parties.

The bird feeder still hangs next door. Empty. The house is populated by three or four couples who park their vehicles haphazardly over the sidewalks and into our driveway and that of their other neighbors. Wheels gleam nakedly, disrobed of their tires - dots on the unmown lawn. There was a collision in front of our home, a few days ago. Apparently the HOA is being sued for something... and they deserve to be... except that I feel for the people trying to fill the HOA positions because I don't know what they're supposed to do to hold up the HOA standards. Continue to deliver citations to renters who don't give a rip?

Meanwhile, our lives go on.

GERD girl needs a new moniker. Bayba takes swimming and gymnastics lessons and only has one more year at home before she can go to school. G-Rex will be going to fourth grade, back to her magnet program, in a few weeks. She was just promoted to the next level in her gymnastics classes, so we're looking at a schedule shake-up. That's always fun in a family of people who don't handle transitions smoothly. Ah, the adventures of the neuro-challenged.

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  1. I am haunted by that birdfeeder and your metaphors. Rock on, woman. You give me hope.