Friday, August 21, 2009

Why I Haven'tBeen Blogging

It's been a long day. Racing around, 3 kids into carseats, out of carseats, errand, back into carseats, out at the next stop... four hours of repetitious stopping, starting and buckling. Finally at home in the afternoon, we made flubber. The baby (now almost 18 months old) would only sleep on me, so I sat rocking her while G-Rex and the Baybster played with their green glittered goo.

And then it was time for my dance class. Almost didn't go. But I did. Then home for frozen pizza... and that brings us to this moment.

Tired. Too tired to fight kids into bed. So they are downstairs. Still awake. Watching their father play World of Warcraft.

Creativity withers and fades into a sense of something I once was... once did... sometime a long time ago.

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  1. And yet, here you are. Writing little things that snuggle down on in the heart and tell me I have at least one incredible friend... and she gets it.