Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of my loyal readers (OK, she's my sister, but that counts!) requested a photo of WunderMutt.

I call her WunderMutt because we totally hit the puppy jackpot when we got her. She's a Humane Society/ASPCA doggie and it's hard to know if rescued (or otherwise re-homed) doggies are going to merge into family life. Some do. Some have been so screwed up they end up going through home after home, never finding a family. We were lucky that her only troublesome quirk that has lasted is a minor case of separation anxiety.

The kids loved her immediately, but what has really won the hearts of the alphas in the house is how endlessly patient she is with the (sometimes obnoxious) love she gets from the kids. Like this:

Yup. She's just chillin' in the fairy wings.

Making these munchkins so happy.

I try to watch out for WunderMutt, but she has been ridden like a pony, tripped over, stepped on, dressed up, given haircuts and otherwise suffered every indignity possible for an over-loved pup.

And she gives nothing but love and loyalty in return. Dogs are cool.


  1. Yeah, but does she tolerate toddlers attempting to jump on her with their knees? heh

  2. Awww, she looks so sweet. I love the fairy wings picture. That's a keeper.

  3. This coming from the person that had the evil black cat when you were in Hawaii...and the other black cat that was bullied by the evil cat. Now you are a dog person...welcome!!