Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ain't No Love Like A Sister's Love

Today Bayba and I sat on a blanket on the livingroom floor. I was lightly supporting GERD-Girl, who was struggling to sit on her own. In the midst of generally benign conversation, Bayba leaned forward, looked directly into GERD-Girl's eyes and whispered...

"Get out of my house... NOW!"

I chose not to react, simply continuing with GG. Emboldened, Bayba concocted a speech about how we were going to throw GG out of our house HARD . We were going to throw her as high as we could so she'd never come back. Maybe a good mother would have been shocked or upset. Not me. I fought back a giggle and asked her (as seriously as I could) why we should throw her sister out. Bayba grumpily replied that GG was mean like a puma. Hm. So much for deep insights. The subject was concluded when I said that I love all my babies and I would never throw any of my kids out of the house - even if they were mean like pumas. Immediately Bayba shifted gears and asked if she could hold GG. I helped Bayba hold her sister and no one was thrown out the door.

I wish I could peer into Bayba's mind and see what happened in that interaction. I suspect it was a significant event - but I could be reading way too much into it.


  1. That's cool you let her get her issues out. It can't be easy being "demoted" out of the baby position, especially by someone that has intense needs herself. I love you SIS! Don't throw me out! But you can shout your plans to and I will still love you.

  2. WOW! Now wonder Babya and Wild Man get along so well. BTW, you handled that beautifully.

    Last night while reading to my kids, Punky kept knocking into the book I was reading to WM. He got frustrated after asking her repectfully once and said "Puuuuuunky quuuuuiiiiiiiiit touching the book, god I'm going to turn you into a million pieces." Can you imagine what the granola mafia would have to say? heh

    Big hugs coming atcha. I miss you. How codependent is that?