Friday, June 27, 2008

Not the Sharpest Tool...

Today I performed a ridiculous act of stupidity.

When it was time to go to the gym, the two older girls were playing sooooo nicely together. They didn't want to interrupt their game to go out into the 90' heat. The baby was sleeping. So I thought, hey, the best thing would be to cancel the gym thing and just stay home and enjoy the quiet.

The kids were thrilled. So I called the Y and cancelled the childcare reservations.

As Murphy would have it, the girls were at each other's throats about 5 minutes before I would have surrendered them to childcare - had I stuck with The Original Plan. Their fighting woke the baby.

So now I'm in a house without A/C with a restless teething baby and two girls who want me to referee every 5.8 minutes. I feel fat and grumpy and cheated.

When will I learn to make sure I take care of myself? Everyone would have been so much happier today if I'd just stuck with my original selfish plan.


  1. Well first of all it wouldn't be selfish. You ARE looking out for everyone's interest. Here's why... if mama ain't happy, nobody else is. Plus, if you know that's the best then it is not selfish at all.

    You are always welcome to come over to my house on a crappy painfully hot day. We have a/c and a pool set up out front.

  2. Wow, I really identify with this day you wrote about. I seem to have them the opposite way too, like I think I'm sticking up for my plan and then the place we go or thing we do winds up worse for me...Anyway, point is I'm sorry!

  3. I think Murphy's Law should actually be: If you think the kids are going to be good today, ha ha ha ha ha!