Monday, June 23, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To...

And the Oscar goes to...


The mommy in the red minivan for appearing interested and involved as her eight-year-old decided to count, out loud, to 500... in ROMAN NUMERALS! ("I. I, I. I, I, I. I, V...")

And if that mommy will keep walking stage left, she can snag her Patient-Mom-Of-The-Year award for keeping her composure as her three year old refused to leave the pool at the end of her swimming lesson... This three-year-old clutched her water toys and high-tailed it to the center of the pool, always just out of arms reach of her swim instructor and avoiding the mommy who, clutching a baby in a sling, ran around the periphery of the pool, attempting to corner the little darling. The mommy managed to sort through eight million potential tactics and scenarios without damaging any important brain cells and was able to avoid jumping into the pool, fully clothed, to drag the little cutie out of there by uttering the simple warning, "If you don't listen to your teacher, put your toys away, and come out of the pool now, you won't be able to come back for any more swimming lessons." After this warning was put forth, the three year old very calmly and sweetly returned the toys to their proper place and climbed out of the pool as if complying had been her idea in the first place.

Somebody give that mom some CHOCOLATE!


  1. I LOVE it! Roman numerals?!?! Good lord, you need more than chocolate girl.

    On that note, C. is floored that the ancient Egyptians more or less worshiped cats. Yeah, try having that conversation while brushing teeth. Oye

  2. I laughed reading this! Except for the fact that my kids don't even know what Roman numerals are and that I haven't gotten around to doing swimming lessons with any of my kids yeat, I can SO relate to this! :)