Friday, June 6, 2008


Today, as I made lunch, I marvelled over how good I feel. Despite being up all night with a congested three-month-old with reflux and despite the three-year-old being all sniffly and grumpy and despite the reality that the previous issues mean I couldn't go work out at the gym today... despite all that, I feel vibrant and alive. Strange.

Then I began to pat myself on the back a little because I've been eating quite well today. High protein fruit and yogurt smoothie for breakfast (and again for mid-morning snack) and then the lunch I was making consisted of a quesadilla (skim mozzarella on a multi-grain tortilla), half a banana, carrot sticks and hummus (what can I say, I'm multi-cultural). Nice.

Of course, then I had to contrast to yesterday when I basically ate junk all day. I skipped breakfast so I scarfed down two Luna bars and a mint Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich... then made quesadillas for lunch and ate two of those... then ate chocolates a friend brought over... and then celebrated a milestone for G-Rex by ordering pizza for dinner.

When I look back over my week... and month... I realized that I eat horribly when I hang out with friends. Is it the stress of socializing? Or is it that hanging out with friends feels like a party, so I subconsciously justify binging? Or is it a combo of those two combined with my practice of baking all sorts of unhealthy goodies in honor of my friends - stuff I normally know better than to keep around? Hmm.

But I do kind of wonder if part of my social anxiety might be caused or exacerbated by the difference in nutrition.

Well, there went my allotted Pondering Time for the day. I'm off to dress lollipoppits in their ball gowns.

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  1. Hmm, eating tasty treats when socializing... Well, I love the treats you make, but I'm down for carrot sticks too. *grin*

    Actually, we could simply bring healthy tasty treats to each others homes. And on Thursdays as long as it's not pouring rain, we can add a power walk on top of it. In fact when G-rex is done with school we could get together twice a week and power walk too. The kids can ride their bikes or scooters.

    See problem solved.