Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's All Fun and Games...

Yesterday was a little more exciting than I'd hoped.

A, my darling dynamatrix, was playing with her little toy vacuum. J was out for a run. G was playing piano up in her room. I was taking advantage of the moment of presumed unneededness to read up on bread making techniques. Ah, a quiet Saturday afternoon...

Until I heard A scream.

My clever little girl had decided to pretend the mallet/stick for her triangle (we're talking about the musical instrument, here, not a geometric concept) was a screwdriver and had been "fixing" her vacuum. I, admittedly, was not paying adequate attention, or I would have realized her little game looked like this:

Yeah. You could put an eye out with that thing, and I wasn't paying attention.

Sure enough, she slipped on one of her toys, fell, and stabbed herself in the eye.

I haven't had such a huge adrenaline reaction since G broke her arm, years ago. Unfortunately, while I deal quite well with blood, gore, etc. in the general population, seeing my child hurt completely shuts my brain down and I freak out.

Sometimes I think I just don't have the emotional fortitude for this parenting thing.

Whether I do or not, here I am. I love the family practice physicians we use. I called and they told me to just come to the office as quickly as I could - despite the fact that it was nearly time for them to be shutting their doors. The doctor on call was calm and thorough and carefully checked her eye. It's painful and red from the irritation, but otherwise looks OK.

It AMAZES me how resilient kids are.

So, as J says, "All's well that ends." Hopefully today will be the boring day we'd planned for yesterday... and I'll continue my struggle to find the happy medium between prudent vigilence and overprotection.


  1. (((A))) How scary! I've so been there honey.

  2. Oh Sara, my heart was feelin' for ya as I read this. I hate those times. They are so stressful and then make me feel the need for anxiety in the days to come. Hope you get through it better than I do!

  3. Wow that sounds so scary, Im glad that she is ok! I remember that feeling of helplessness when J broke his collar bone. I hope she is better soon!