Monday, August 18, 2008

Keen WUH???

Tonight's dinner was a new culinary adventure for us. I made quinoa.

I highly recommend it, and after reading about the nutrition profile, even Mr. Geeky McEngineer thinks it's worth adopting as one of the dietary staples. Good stuff.

And for those who care, it's a complete protein grain (well, technically it's a seed, not a grain) with no gluten. Thought I'd share.

I was proud of my kids. Brand new food. They never so much as batted an eyelash or squinted in skepticism - just dug in and offered fabulous critique on the finer points of comparison between the quinoa and more usual fare (wild rice, brown rice, barley, polenta, et al.).

Good times at the McEngineer dinner table.

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  1. Took you long enough to discover "Keen WUH." HA!

    You what's really yummy? Mix in feta and tomatoes. Good stuff.