Thursday, February 7, 2008


Bayba slept through the night in her big sister's bed (as opposed to our bed), last night. I think maybe warmer jammies make all the difference. I'm not in a hurry to boot her out of the "family" bed or anything, but frankly I'm not sure how the logistics would work with having a nearly-three-year-old and and a newborn in the same bed. So we've been putting Bayba down in her sister's bed (after she nurses off to sleep) at night... she usually wakes up around 2 a.m. or so and climbs back in with us... no biggie. I have to admit that she's such a snuggle bunny that it's hard for me to sleep without her. There's something about cuddling with your kids at night that just makes the world seem right.

Meanwhile, my dear friend in the Midwest is watching her son die. It's heartwrenching. Every day I look at Super G - so tough and vibrant and full of life and energy and purpose - and I imagine what my friend is going through, with hospice experts and funeral planning as her seven-year-old boy deteriorates after almost two years of fighting this cancer thing. It certainly puts my own problems in perspective. Meanwhile, my heart aches for my friend and her family. She hasn't posted an updated, yet, this morning... and all of us in this circle of friends know that - if not today - one of these days that will mean we all have to admit the finality of this whole struggle. Not a happy thought.


  1. I must be due for AF, because I just cried upon reading about your friend again. I sit here listening to WM and PM playing and I can't begin to imagine WM dying right now.

  2. "There's something about cuddling with your kids that makes the world seem right." Oh, I SO AGREE!! We finally at last have the bed to ourselves and I can stretch out and get actual sleep... but on the days I give in and let one or both of them back in...oh, it is HEAVEN! We co-slept until the boys were 4.5 and 2.5...all four of us in the same bed. I was always smashed between them. I don't think I got a good night's sleep in all that time...LOL... but there are days that I miss it so much.