Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Alive

Tonight I painted. Not walls. Nothing that will make my home pretty. I dug through the closet in the spare room and found my old case of oil paints. Mineral spirits and an old canvas that have been in the garage forever were dusted off and I took over the dining area of my kitchen. Tonight Kali crept from my canvas. It was easy. The build-up of the background is done. Kali is fleshed out, glowering from eyes too white in the darkness. Her arms flex, holding aloft... OK I haven't gotten that part sketched in... tomorrow... Her right foot is prominent, as she steps on the supposed corpse of Shiva. Yeah. I told you it wasn't pretty. I'm not sure if I'll include some vague battle in the background.

There's a legend that tells of Kali wreaking vengeance so powerfully that, despite the need for battle being over, no one can stop her destruction and blood lust. Finally the other gods bring her son to the battlefield. He cries. And amidst all the din and violence, the cry of her child breaks through and she stops everything to hold and nurse him. So the war is ended.